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Dental Accounting Services

Omotayo CPA LLC is a Dallas, TX based accounting firm that provides exceptional dental accounting, financial management, tax and business advising services to dentist offices and dental firms in TX Our clients use us as a business advisor for their dental practice. We truly understand dental accounting and financial management, as dental practices of all sizes rely upon our experience. We have the ability, technical knowledge, and experience to understand and meet the unique needs of those in the dental industry.

When our dental clients realize they need to look at their practice as a business, they turn to our accounting experts at Omotayo CPA LLC. Our guidance provides a new lens for evaluating and managing a dental practice within the framework of best business practices — all the while staying focused on patient care. With our guidance, dental practitioners begin to look at their practice as a business and we identify and correct issues to make the practice more profitable and more customer-focused.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your dental clinic, call us at (214) 646-0300, or contact us through our website.